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Planning If you are planning on building a house or even remodeling a home, should it be the kitchen, bathroom or outside of the home you need a good contractor and construction company that know what they are doing. We work with you to design, build and plan your next dream home addition. We take the time to sit down with you and go over everything that needs to be taken care of to complete the project like permits and a good time frame of how long the job will take.

Analysis Like any project you need a breakdown of cost, from materials and labor to adjustments in budgets. We make sure you are set up and you know exactly everything on paper before we begin. Sometimes if you are partaking in a full home remodel unforeseen issues might arise like electric cable that need rerouting or pipes that need replacing. We try and make you aware of this so you have some money in reserves if such an issue were to arise.

Modeling If you are not sure what exactly you want to achieve with the remodel in terms of looks then we can help you with the design and what materials that would be best suited to the job. Our general contractors look in to the price and get you best deals on material and they also work to a strict guideline to make sure its 100% up to code. All of our contractors will only offer the best materials to you at the best price; never use low quality building materials because it’s never a good idea as the work won’t last. Design If you have an idea in mind then that’s fantastic, if not then it’s not a problem we can help you. You can look for inspiration for home design from television and magazines. Try and check out what is the latest design trend by looking at magazines like dwell and draw ideas from that. Work out if you want the home to look more traditional or modern and take in to account if your current furniture will suit that setting. These are all things to consider when having your place remodeled.

Our Building Standards

Our building standards are some of the best in Maryland and we work hard to make sure they never slip. We feel it’s very important to have a good name in the construction industry as customers will keep referring us if we do good work and that means the world to us. We have been doing this for a very long time now working on many projects so we feel we are the right fit to take on your next home renovation project.


Jane Landers – Carroll, MD

I hired General Contractors Maryland to remodel my upstairs bathroom, I wanted a steam shower and bigger bathtub installed but I was worried about the space issue. Lucky for me these guys new exactly what to do to give me the new bathroom I wanted. It now feels like I am in a fancy hotel every time I walk in there, next remodel job is the kitchen with these guys.

Mike Wolfe – Montgomery, MD

The perfect general contractors, my experience using them was flawless and I was beyond happy with the end result of my home remodel.

Ruby Kingsley – Frederick, MD

I was worried about getting my home remodeled because of budget concerns, we just bought a fixer upper and it needed a whole lot of work. I called General Contractors Maryland to give me a quote on a full home remodel; it literally needed ripping it back to the studs. They came and did a walk through with me and checked what could be saved to save me money and what needed replacing. Drains were checked, everything! So it would be done right, they were amazing. My husband and I choose them and we never looked back, our new place looks fantastic and it’s our dream home.

Dean Bridge – Washington, MD

If I had more than one property I would use these guys every single time to do my entire home remodeling work. They did a great job of my place and I will use them again if I need to do anything else in the future.


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