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With so many ideas for remodeling and improving your home you can get over budget and out of your depth very quickly. Our aim as a contractor is to make you narrow down what is essential to get remodeled and work with your budget to deliver an end result that will make you happy.

It all starts with the planning stages and by that we mean cost of material and what is essential and needs to get done. We always inspect a place before we do any work on it to see if we will encounter any issues and any more added expense to you the home owner once we start breaking walls and taking things out.

Like any remodeling job we always normally find something that was unexpected in a remodel. Should it be some water damage under a kitchen sink or some mold. All these things have to be addressed before any work is carried out on the remodel and we have the people to fix these issues if we do find anything. We always hope we find nothing before the remodel but sometimes a little something might show up which is normally easy to fix and we always make you very aware of it.

Our aim goal is to guide you through the whole remodeling process with very little stress at all. We will advise you the best we can and we will offer you advice on where to get materials and save money. We also show you ways to plan and budget by using spreadsheets to track spending as you can easily get lost in a big remolding cash whirlwind which can be scary.

We always say stick to a few key rules. Know your budget before you start the project. Don’t overspend on material, sometimes if you see a tile you like or floor finish that appeals to you but its pushing the budget then you might have to go with a slightly cheaper option. Or shop around more because material price per Sq Ft adds up very quickly. You will still get the home remodel you hoped for but not put yourself in to some debt which is never a good thing. Expect to live with some chaos in your lives while the renovation is happening, you can’t make an omelet if you don’t break a few eggs. That is a good analogy to describe a home remodel. You will experience noise, dust and lack of amenities for a short period of time while a remodel is going on. There is no quiet remodel and if any contractor says that to you they are telling you a big lie. We will try to keep the chaos down to a minimum so you can go about your lives as normal as possible but there will be some disruption if we have to cut the power one day to change the electrics or turn off the water to change some bathroom fixtures. But always know we do it to get you to your end goal of that dream home and we will always notify you well in advance so you can possibly make alternative plans while we work in that window of time.

Just remember a home remodel or room addition is very exciting and we will be there with you every step of the way. Whenever you have a question we are here for you night or day to put your mind at rest or go over any last minute thoughts or changes you might have in mind.



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Jane Landers – Carroll, MD

I hired General Contractors Maryland to remodel my upstairs bathroom, I wanted a steam shower and bigger bathtub installed but I was worried about the space issue. Lucky for me these guys new exactly what to do to give me the new bathroom I wanted. It now feels like I am in a fancy hotel every time I walk in there, next remodel job is the kitchen with these guys.

Mike Wolfe – Montgomery, MD

The perfect general contractors, my experience using them was flawless and I was beyond happy with the end result of my home remodel.

Ruby Kingsley – Frederick, MD

I was worried about getting my home remodeled because of budget concerns, we just bought a fixer upper and it needed a whole lot of work. I called General Contractors Maryland to give me a quote on a full home remodel; it literally needed ripping it back to the studs. They came and did a walk through with me and checked what could be saved to save me money and what needed replacing. Drains were checked, everything! So it would be done right, they were amazing. My husband and I choose them and we never looked back, our new place looks fantastic and it’s our dream home.

Dean Bridge – Washington, MD

If I had more than one property I would use these guys every single time to do my entire home remodeling work. They did a great job of my place and I will use them again if I need to do anything else in the future.

Our architects will help you draw up plans and use your existing plans to achieve the layout and remodel design you want.

Licensed contractors are what you want and that is what we provide. All of our contractors are trained and certified to know exactly what they are doing when they remodel your home.

Inspection services is something we also offer, should you have a home issue that you need looking at then we can help you out. We have a team solely dedicated to home maintenance that is on call for all of your construction needs.