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Your home is the one place you want to be your safe haven, the place you are proud of. Here at General Contractors Maryland we know exactly how you can achieve any vision you have to transform your property in to the tailored living experience you have always wanted. If you have dreamed of a bathroom remodel that is fitted out like a spa with steam showers and Jacuzzi bathtubs then we can give you that. Do you desire a kitchen that a Michelin stared world chef will be proud to cook on? With double ovens and built in micro waves and 6 gas burner cook tops, it’s all achievable.

We have an idea of what it takes to give you your dream home and we can do this by falling on our experience to not only offer you quality advice on how to achieve this remodel but put your mind at rest if you have questions along the way.

Some customers like to add just a room on their house, while others go all out and build entire wings. We have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide both. It all comes down to working with you on the set budget you will need to calculate materials and just how much extra square footage you want to add to the residence. Should it be 400 Sq Ft or 2000 Sq Ft and upwards we will plan accordingly and price perfectly.

Not only do we add room additions we build entire houses, we work with your architect to install everything from the foundations up. We have been a full time home builder for many years and we have worked on some architectural wonders that have been featured in the likes of dwell magazine and other publications.

We go the extra mile to make sure whatever you see, be it on television or in a magazine we can draw from these ideas to incorporate them in the home remodel and addition. Or licensed contractors will know how to accomplish any design idea you have seen as they are creative and are known not only for their construction skills but their design experience.

Building a home addition not only requires skill it also requires permits and planning permission most of the time. We take the time to make sure all the paper work is filled out so you don’t get in trouble in the future with having an unpermitted addition. Not only can it hurt the chance of resale on a place as real estate companies won’t recognize the extra space in the square footage of the house when you come to sell it. Buyers will not like the fact an unlicensed contractor carried out the work for you causing an issue with trust in the building.

So we suggest that you give us a call today and have a local contractor come out and give you a price on that next room and home addition.



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Jane Landers – Carroll, MD

I hired General Contractors Maryland to remodel my upstairs bathroom, I wanted a steam shower and bigger bathtub installed but I was worried about the space issue. Lucky for me these guys new exactly what to do to give me the new bathroom I wanted. It now feels like I am in a fancy hotel every time I walk in there, next remodel job is the kitchen with these guys.

Mike Wolfe – Montgomery, MD

The perfect general contractors, my experience using them was flawless and I was beyond happy with the end result of my home remodel.

Ruby Kingsley – Frederick, MD

I was worried about getting my home remodeled because of budget concerns, we just bought a fixer upper and it needed a whole lot of work. I called General Contractors Maryland to give me a quote on a full home remodel; it literally needed ripping it back to the studs. They came and did a walk through with me and checked what could be saved to save me money and what needed replacing. Drains were checked, everything! So it would be done right, they were amazing. My husband and I choose them and we never looked back, our new place looks fantastic and it’s our dream home.

Dean Bridge – Washington, MD

If I had more than one property I would use these guys every single time to do my entire home remodeling work. They did a great job of my place and I will use them again if I need to do anything else in the future.

Home additions and contracting Services

From new walls being erected to old ones being torn down our home addition crew are true professionals in their field.

We always deliver projects on time and to complete satisfaction, you will be in awe of our home additions.

We build homes and we work on commercial buildings so we really are a complete contractor service.