Kitchen Remodeling Maryland

A kitchen addition is a big undertaking. The normal procedure is people want a more open plan kitchen these days that brings in natural light and opens up the kitchen to the dining room and living room. Not only does it bring a better closeness to being able to see everyone while you are preparing food it also has its advantages because serving up food can be much easier.

Kitchen Remodeling

As a general contractor that has performed many kitchen addition jobs here in Maryland we know the trails and errors most people go through. Adding extra space on to your house is going to be a big task and we are the company to do it. We first have to get plans drawn up if you have not already done so. This will determine the size and layout of the kitchen being added on while keeping with the look of the house. The plans bring to light where you want gas lines run for the cooking appliances and where the electric and plumbing will go. We can also see if you want to bring in natural light with skylights or have it open plan and big windows installed to take advantage of the outside views if you have them. Kitchen additions are always great because if you have the budget you can really transform a house and space to make it fell like a brand new place, it’s really unbelievable.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you are installing a new kitchen and you are doing a complete kitchen remodel you will have some options that can really determine how much you want to spend. We always say here at General Contractors Maryland try to figure out first of all how much you want to spend on the kitchen remodel. Once you have a number in mind it’s time to go shopping which is the fun part. We can help you design and plan it and we have suppliers or we can just install whatever you decide on. Places like IKEA do really great affordable kitchens and even home depot. Have a think about the cabinet style you want and layout. Look at what kitchen counter tops would work well like quartz or granite or even wood and poured concrete. Kitchen tiles for the floor and backsplash need to be accounted for and work with the floor and kitchen cabinets for a matched look.

Kitchen Appliances

These can add up dramatically so when picking out kitchen appliances look to get the best deal. You can get a built in oven and stove combined or have a counter top stove and an oven fitted in a cabinet underneath. These are just a few things you need to consider. Do you want gas or electric appliances? If you go for the glass stoves then you will need electric. The fridge can be built in and hidden in to the kitchen paneling of you can buy a standalone fridge with ice maker and a water drinking feature.



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Jane Landers – Carroll, MD

I hired General Contractors Maryland to remodel my upstairs bathroom, I wanted a steam shower and bigger bathtub installed but I was worried about the space issue. Lucky for me these guys new exactly what to do to give me the new bathroom I wanted. It now feels like I am in a fancy hotel every time I walk in there, next remodel job is the kitchen with these guys.

Mike Wolfe – Montgomery, MD

The perfect general contractors, my experience using them was flawless and I was beyond happy with the end result of my home remodel.

Ruby Kingsley – Frederick, MD

I was worried about getting my home remodeled because of budget concerns, we just bought a fixer upper and it needed a whole lot of work. I called General Contractors Maryland to give me a quote on a full home remodel; it literally needed ripping it back to the studs. They came and did a walk through with me and checked what could be saved to save me money and what needed replacing. Drains were checked, everything! So it would be done right, they were amazing. My husband and I choose them and we never looked back, our new place looks fantastic and it’s our dream home.

Dean Bridge – Washington, MD

If I had more than one property I would use these guys every single time to do my entire home remodeling work. They did a great job of my place and I will use them again if I need to do anything else in the future.

Our Kitchen remodeling is unrivaled

Our teams will come out and measure up your kitchen and recommend the best layout for your cooking needs.

We can help you pick out kitchen floor tiles and backsplashes so everything matches up perfectly with the kitchen units you are having fitted.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors will have a good timeframe as to how long it will take to finish your kitchen and you will get daily reports on the progress.